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-{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_import_alt.png?nolink|}}====== Points Import ====== 
-===== About ===== 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:import.png?nolink|}}Points import is used when you want to work with points from external sources - file folders, databases, applications, add-ons etc. Either you choose the data yourselves or Locus Map receives them. There are several ways **how to launch the import**: 
-  * **Menu > Import data** 
-  * **Data > Top panel menu > Import** 
-  * **Data > Points tab > any folder menu > Import** - imports directly into the selected folder 
-===== Locus Map file manager ===== 
-Locus Map opens a file manager window displaying three tabs where to choose files to import. **Importable files are in full color and are clickable.** 
-<wrap info>[[manual:user_guide:points:import#supported_file_formats|More about supported formats see here >>]]</wrap> 
-  * **Local file** tab - directory structure of your device memory. Importable files are usually stored in SDCARD folder. 
-  * **Dropbox** tab - directory structure of your Dropbox folder 
-  * **Remote file** tab - contains socket for inserting URL of a remote file stored in a internet repository (Rapidshare, Mega, Mediafire etc.) 
-===== Import dialog ===== 
-After selecting the file or receiving it from some external application or add-on Locus Map analyses it and modifies the import dialog according to the content - the dialog can process points or tracks or both of them at once.  
-==== Point import dialog ==== 
-{{ :manual:user_guide:import2.png?nolink|}}Appears when the imported file contains just points: 
-  * **Topbar** - displays the file name 
-  * **Folder selector** - selects the folder into which the file will be imported. <wrap tip>It is possible to create a new folder directly from the menu.</wrap>  If you started import from a //folder action menu// in //Data manager// it is already pre-selected. 
-  * **Empty selected folder** - deletes all points in the selected folder before the import 
-  * **Display only (not import)** - the import is unfinished, points are not saved, just displayed on the map - useful for quick preview of imported file 
-  * **Show on the map after import** - imports points according to settings and displays them on the map 
-  * **Fill altitude** - updates imported points' altitude information (only if the elevation data is available) 
-  * **Bottombar** - consists of Cancel button aborting whole operation and Import button to confirm and start importing. 
-===== Supported file formats ===== 
-Locus Map points import supports following file formats: 
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_kml.png?nolink&30|}} **KML and KMZ**  
-<wrap info>Supported both for //Import// and //Export//</wrap> 
-[[|Keyhole Markup Language]] is XML based plain text format with really wide range of usage. Since the version 2.2 KML format is standardized by OGC so it is used by many web/desktop/mobile applications as well as Locus Map.  
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_gpx.png?nolink&30|}} **GPX** 
-<wrap info>Supported both for //Import// and //Export//</wrap> 
-[[|GPS eXchange format]] is an XML based text format used for handling points, tracks and routes. Locus fully supports all valid tags. More detailed description of GPX format is available on this [[|Wikipedia page]].  
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_empty.png?nolink&30|}} **OpenAir** 
-[[|OpenAir]] is a special format used by aircraft pilots and navigators for defining air spaces and areas.  
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_empty.png?nolink&30|}} **LOC** 
-[[|Location file format]] is free but a little bit limited format for importing POIs or waypoints 
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_ov2.png?nolink&30|}} **Ov2** 
-[[|TomTom]] format for POI database.  
-  * {{:manual:user_guide:ic_file_type_empty.png?nolink&30|}} **Upi** 
-[[|Sygic]] format for POI database. 
-===== Import settings ===== 
-  * <wrap box>Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous</wrap> 
-==== Check duplicates ==== 
-Enables scanning imported points and checking duplicates of points or geocaches during POI import. Due to this check the import is a little bit slower. 
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