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-FIXME under construction FIXME+{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_info_alt.png?nolink|}} 
 +====== Notification center ====== 
 +This is the place where **all announcements from Locus app, its developers or various actions** are displayed. E.g. when you download maps, routes or elevation data from **[[manual:user_guide:locus_store:|Locus Store]]**. Or when there are some news on [[|Locus website]], or when Locus reminds you of remaining [[manual:faq:free_maps_for_new_users|map gifts]], informs about polls, sends messages from devs etc.  
 +Its icon/button appears in the upper left corner of the main screen:\\ 
 +{{ :manual:user_guide:notcenter01.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +When you **tap** the button you unfold the list of announcements:\\ 
 +{{ :manual:user_guide:notcenter02.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +The icon/button **changes its appearance according to some actions in background**. E.g. it works as a downloading indicator:\\ 
 +{{ :manual:user_guide:notcenter03.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +{{ :manual:user_guide:notcenter04.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +Individual announcements can be **swiped away** from the list. **The whole box can be emptied and notification center icon deactivated** by tapping a button in the bottom of the news list:\\ 
 +{{ :manual:user_guide:notcenter05.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +When nothing is to be announced, the notification center icon/button is not visible. 
 +<WRAP center round tip> 
 +If you do not want to be notified of the news from Locus web site, you can unsubscribe from this service in //Settings > Miscellaneous > Blogposts in notif. center// (switch off). Download statuses will remain. 
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