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 +{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_on_board_calibration_alt.png?nolink|}}====== Image map calibration ======
 +===== About =====
 +This feature enables calibrating of an image of map and placing it over a background map. For example when you go to the ZOO or a park simply take a picture of its detailed plan displayed on a board at the entrance. After that you can calibrate the photo according to your background map and use it for your further navigation.
 +===== 1. Get a map picture =====
 +  * open the function in <wrap box>Menu > More functions > On-board Map Calibrator</wrap>, a dialog appears
 +  * tap **Take** to take a photo with you phone camera - the more quality camera, the better
 +  * or **Select** to choose the photo from your device memory, from Dropbox etc. 
 +<WRAP round tip >
 +We recommend to **copy the image** from your PC/scanner/internet or a DSLR camera to your Dropbox or the phone memory before selecting it to get better results
 +===== 2. Calibrate the map picture =====
 +  * tap //Add// and choose a **distinct point** (a hill summit, crossroads etc.) on your picture\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr2.png?nolink |}}
 +  * tap {{:manual:user_guide:ic_map_alt.png?nolink&30|}} in //Map coordinates menu// and choose **the same point** on your background map\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr3.png?nolink |}}
 +  * repeat this procedure **4 times** - try to select points making a rectangle. You can edit their positions by tapping {{:manual:user_guide:ic_edit_alt.png?nolink&30|}} or remove them.\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr.png?nolink |}}
 +===== 3. Generate your calibrated map =====
 +  * when you are ready with your four points the status line **turns green** and the //Create// button activates\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr4.png?nolink |}}
 +  * calibration points overview appears - indicates their **deviation**.\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr5.png?nolink |}}\\ When it is not too significant you can name the new map and proceed to its rendering
 +<WRAP round tip >If you have chosen a big image it is highly recommended to check **Optimize map** to divide the map image into many small maps (tiles) bundled into one file.
 +==== Save the calibration configuration for later use ====
 +If you have **more map images of the same size and scale** to calibrate you can use one configuration for calibrating them all:
 +  - calibrate the first image
 +  - **save the calibration configuration**:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr11.png?nolink |}}
 +  - open the next image
 +  - calibrate
 +  - repeat ad hoc.
 +===== 4. Use the calibrated map =====
 +Your calibrated map appears now as an **overlay**\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr6.png?nolink |}}\\ and can be managed in **[[manual:user_guide:items:management|Map Items]]** box or in the [[manual:user_guide:mainscr_lpanel#active_items|left panel Active items]] tab.\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr7.png?nolink |}}
 +You can change opacity of the calibrated map by selecting it and moving the opacity slider:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr10.png?nolink |}}\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:maps_tools:calibr9.png?nolink |}}