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Online Maps


Locus Map provides a wide range of online maps to work with. They are listed in the Maps Manager Online tab in groups sorted by providers, countries or usage. To change the sorting, tap the Sort by button and select category. To display the needed map, tap the group to unfold and select the map by tapping it.

The maps are distinguished by color according to their displaying/downloading properties:

  • highlighted - currently selected map
  • blue - map with higher downloading limits
  • red - map with no possibility to download
  • black - map with average downloading limits

Displaying Online Maps

If you select a map for the first time, an information screen appears. It contains an overview, the terms of use in online/offline modes and description. The info screen is accessible also from the action menu at each map:

  • Basic info - available zooms, covered countries and usage (e.g. hiking, biking…)
  • Online - whether the map can be cached into your phone memory (Locus/mapsOnline/map*.sqll file - some maps especially from commercial providers cannnot be cached so it is necessary to have stable internet connection to display them), the current size of the cache in MB and its time validity
  • Offline - if the map is downloadable, daily download limit in number of map tiles, amount of tiles downloaded that day and speed limit (e.g. 2 tiles at once)
  • Description - map provider, author, terms of use, license etc.

The list of available online maps can seem too complex for somebody but it can be easily reduced so that the user sees only the maps he/she actually uses - select Settings in the Action menu and select Available maps. Uncheck all you wish to hide. Another way how to hide a map from the list is to select the Hide option from the action menu at each single map.

Action menu button

Each map has its own action menu, consisting of following items:

  • Details display the Information screen
  • Download launches online map download
  • Set 'Valid for'(visible only for cacheable maps) defines validity time for cached map tiles in hours. When the validity time expires, Locus Map caches a new map tile.
  • Clear Cache deletes all cached tiles in your temporary storage
  • Pre-Paid (only for Wanderreit maps) displays a form to fill in the pre-paid Wanderreit map code
  • Cancel subscription cancels your Wanderreit map subscription
  • Hide removes map from the list. It can be reversed in Map Settings.

Adding online maps

If you miss some online map of your preference, you may look it up in the Locus Store. So as to keep the online map offer in order, Locus Map stores some less known or less used online maps “aside” right there.

  • tap button and select Get more from Locus Store

  • select your map in the Store and tap the blue button ADD

  • new online map appears in online tab of the Map manager

Download of online maps is referred to in an individual chapter >>.

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