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-{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_quick_www_bookmark_black.png?nolink|}}====== Quick WWW Bookmark ======+{{ :manual:user_guide:ic_quick_www_bookmark_alt.png}}====== Quick bookmark ======
 ---- ----
-===== About ===== 
-Feature enabling to create parameter URL of your favorite map websites that can transfer you to Locus Map defined location by a single button tap e.g. for downloading tip for trips. The function can be found in the <wrap box>Menu > More</wrap> at the bottom. You can define coordinates, zoom level or time in the URL. 
-<WRAP center round todo 60%> +===== About ===== 
-Sorry there is no more information, both the feature and the page are under construction... +With this feature you can **transfer yourself quickly from a location in Locus Map to the same location on a map website or applicaton**For example for downloading tips for tripsJust tap the selected bookmark:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark09.gif?nolink |}}  
-</WRAP>+===== Pre-set bookmarks ===== 
 +For a quick start, there are a few pre-set bookmarks. To activate one, do following: 
 +  * go to Locus menu More functions > Quick bookmarks 
 +  * tap {{:manual:user_guide:tracks:add.png?nolink&30|}} button to add a new bookmark 
 +  * select **Predefined**, a list of "favorites" emerges 
 +  * tap a bookmarked website or app and close the list. The bookmark is ready for use:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark10.gif?nolink |}}
 +===== Get your own bookmark =====
 +As there are many map websites and apps and each of them uses a different structure of their parametrized URL, there is not a single universal instruction on how to set up this function. For better understanding what this function is about, we will present a **demo setup** made on a well-known track database **[[|]]**
 +  - have a look at the structure of the **website URL** that leads to the map display. It consists of the main domain name ****, **language** parameter, **zoom** parameter, **latitude**, **longitude**, **map type** parameter and the rest:\\ \\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark01.png?nolink |}}\\ \\ 
 +  - tap {{:manual:user_guide:tracks:add.png?nolink&30|}} button and select **Add new...**\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark02.png?nolink |}}\\ 
 +  - insert the name and compose the **URL template** according to the **website URL**, using **ADD TAG** button for the variables:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark04.png?nolink |}}\\ In case you want to specify the app in which you want to open the URL, **open the app selection and choose the app**. The final setup will be like this:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:quickbookmark03.png?nolink |}}\\ \\ <wrap important>The URL syntax must be preserved or the feature will not work!</wrap>
 +  - **Confirm**
 +  - your bookmark emerges in the list
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