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 +{{  :manual:user_guide:ic_panel_functions_black.png?nolink&}}
 +====== Function Panels Setting ======
 +**To use your favorite functions quickly with one tap without the need to go to the main menu, put their buttons to the function panels**. There are some already by default but it is possible to customize their position, number and features they turn on. There are several ways how to do this:
 +  * **tap the "+" button** in the top right corner of the main screen \\ {{  :manual:user_guide:functions:fcepanel01.png?nolink&  }}
 +  * go to **Menu > Settings > Controlling > Panels&Buttons > Set functions panels**
 +  * **long-tap any of the buttons** in the top or right panel and select **Modify panel** from the popup
 +By each way a settings window opens:
 +{{  :manual:user_guide:functions:fcepanel.png?nolink&  }}
 +  * **list of selected buttons in top and right panels**  - the sign in the upper right corner of all items indicates position in {{:manual:user_guide:ic_panel_top_buttons_black.png?nolink&30}}top or {{:manual:user_guide:ic_panel_right_buttons_black.png?nolink&30}}right panel. You can **move the buttons freely between top and right panels** but the maximum number in the top panel is **5**.
 +  * **automatic button placing** - use this if you have a tablet or bigger screen or you rotate the screen often. It **connects the two panels into a flexible one**:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:fcepanel02.gif?nolink |}}
 +  * to **change** a button function or **remove** a selected button, tap{{:manual:user_guide:ic_more_ver_alt.png?nolink&30}} next to the button name and select from the popup.
 +  * {{:manual:user_guide:add.png?nolink&30}}**adds new buttons**:
 +      * **Add function to panel**  - adds a new button with selected feature to the function panel
 +      * **Add link to app**  - adds a shortcut to any application installed on your device for quick launch (e.g. various [[:manual:user_guide:geocaching:coapps|cooperating apps]])
 +Both top and right panels can be hidden automatically. This can be set in **[[manual:user_guide:settings:control#panels_buttons|Menu > Settings > Controlling > Panels&Buttons]]**
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