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   * **No voice**  - voice commands are disabled   * **No voice**  - voice commands are disabled
-  * **Text-to-speech**  - Android text-to-speech automatic system. +  * **Text-to-speech**  - Android text-to-speech automatic system. TTS voice can be set in **[[manual:user_guide:settings:lang_units|Language&Units]]** settings section.
 <WRAP center round tip> <WRAP center round tip>
-It is possible to download other voice sets from the [[:manual:user_guide:locus_store|Locus Store]] or from [[|Locus community]]. Voice is set in **[[manual:user_guide:settings:lang_units|Language&Units]]** settings section.+It is possible to download other voice sets from [[:manual:user_guide:locus_store|Locus Store > Features]].
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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