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 <WRAP center round important> <WRAP center round important>
-Navigation commands on a reversed route may not reflect traffic situation accurately. **Recommended for offroad use only!**+Navigation commands on a reversed route may not reflect traffic situations accurately. **Recommended for offroad use only!**
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 +==== Link with presets ==== 
 +If you need to **re-set Locus Map temporarily during the navigation** (e.g. shift the cursor, turn map rotation on, the screen permanently on, etc.), **select from your app [[manual:user_guide:settings:presets|presets]]** here:\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:navigation:naviset06.gif?nolink |}}
 ===== 2. START Navigation ===== ===== 2. START Navigation =====
   * **At the start of the route**\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:navigation:navigace29.png?nolink |}}   * **At the start of the route**\\ {{ :manual:user_guide:functions:navigation:navigace29.png?nolink |}}
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