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   * Battery level   * Battery level
   * GSM signal   * GSM signal
-==== Web services ==== 
-This feature enables **real-time position sharing via selected web-based services** - **[[http://​|]]** and an experimental website **[[http://​|C-ME]]**. 
-=== === 
-  - before using this web service make sure to **register** and **log in** to it 
-  - go to //Discover > Live tracking// ​ and find your **Live Tracking PIN**  in **Instructions** ​ window 
-  - launch Custom live tracking in Locus and tap **GPSies** 
-  - name your new GPSies session or leave just "​GPSies"​ 
-  - tap the session in the list and a new dialog appears 
-  - insert your **GPSies username** ​ and **GPSies Live Tracking PIN**  in the "​value"​ fields 
-  - optionally you can set the notification section 
-  - tap the green **START** ​ button 
-**Your position begins to display in the map window of Live Tracking service.** 
-=== C-ME === 
-[[http://​|Testing web site]] of one of Locus power users. The procedure of setting C-ME live tracking up is the same as in case of GPSies except login credentials. The instructions can be obtained in this [[http://​​index.php?​topic=2061.msg13194#​msg13194|forum >>]] 
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