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 ==== Garmin application keeps loosing connectivity ==== ==== Garmin application keeps loosing connectivity ====
 +<WRAP center round important>​
 +** With new 4.20 version of Garmin Connect Mobile, Garmin without notice blocked required type of connectivity resulting that Locus Map on Android 9 do not work (unable to connect to smartphone or throw -300 error during track import). We are in touch with Garmin team to get Garmin Connect application fixed as soon as possible. Before that, the only way to make it work again is to downgrade your Garmin Connect application to [[https://​​apk/​garmin/​garmin-connect-mobile/​garmin-connect-mobile-4-19-1-release/​|version 4.19]].\\
 +Please follow our [[https://​​​|Facebook page]] for more udpates. **
 {{:​manual:​user_guide:​add-ons:​94ia5900.png?​nolink|}} {{:​manual:​user_guide:​add-ons:​94ia5900.png?​nolink|}}
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