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Update of one app, the other is not installed

Due to the recent changes in the Android file system, it is necessary to transfer the app data to the private folder in /Android/data/ directory after the app update. When only a single app is installed on the device (the other Locus is not installed), the data transfer is simple:

  • one app (Locus Map Pro 3.55.x) is installed
  • download and install Locus Map Pro 3.56
  • during the app initialization, you are notified of the app directory /Locus/ stored in the unsupported part of the internal storage:
  • after accepting it, you can select the private folder into which the data will be transferred - either in the internal storage or on the external SD card
  • Locus smoothly transfers all the original data into its private folder
  • the process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your data
  • after the app restarts, all is done and working as before

What if I refuse?

  • you can go on using the app as before
  • but you are notified of the app data transfer at each next start of the app
  • you can move the original data any time also from the app main menu:

    or from settings > miscellaneous > default directory.
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