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How to Upgrade from Locus Free to Locus Pro?


I am a user of Locus Free and I would like to purchase the Locus Pro version. Is there any possibility of making backup copies of my data and settings for the future use in Locus Pro application?


In case of upgrading to the paid version you only need to backup your settings in Locus Free for the use in Pro version. If you do not have any personal settings in the free version, making of this backup is not necessary.

The data (maps, points, tracks etc.) are stored in the directory Locus in your phone. Both Locus Free and Locus Pro use this directory. So it is not necessary to backup the data when upgrading. Of course regular data backup is highly recommended in case the Locus directory or the SD card get damaged.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Start Locus Free > Menu > More > Backup
  • Select “Backup only settings” and save the newly created backup file
  • Uninstall Locus Free
  • Install Locus Pro
  • Start Locus Pro > Menu > More > Backup
  • Select the “Restore” option and then select the file created in step no. 2
  • Restart the application
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