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   * **[[|Accepted payment methods >>]]**   * **[[|Accepted payment methods >>]]**
 ===== Amazon Appstore ===== ===== Amazon Appstore =====
 +<WRAP center round alert>
 +Unfortunately, Amazon stopped communicating effectively with us a few months ago so we are not able to upload updates on it. **Locus Map Pro is available here in version 3.45**. Amazon also stopped supporting some devices. 
   * **[[|Accepted payment methods >>]]**   * **[[|Accepted payment methods >>]]**
 <WRAP center round important> <WRAP center round important>
 **Beware!** **Beware!**
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 **Google provides up to a one-year money-back guarantee.** **Google provides up to a one-year money-back guarantee.**
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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