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   * [[manual:faq:problem_with_install_from_google_play|Error during installation from Google Play]]   * [[manual:faq:problem_with_install_from_google_play|Error during installation from Google Play]]
   * [[manual:faq:libraries_at_start|Error during app initialization]]   * [[manual:faq:libraries_at_start|Error during app initialization]]
-  * [[manual:faq:devices_older_android|Older Androids]]+  * [[manual:faq:devices_older_android|Older versions of Locus Map]]
   * [[manual:faq:Locuspro_on_blackberry|BlackBerry devices]]   * [[manual:faq:Locuspro_on_blackberry|BlackBerry devices]]
   * [[manual:faq:from_free_to_pro|Upgrade from Free to Pro version]]   * [[manual:faq:from_free_to_pro|Upgrade from Free to Pro version]]
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