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 +====== Custom Elevation Coloring ======
 +Locus Map currently offers only a few general palettes for elevation coloring. Here is an instruction how to customize the coloring according to your personal needs:
 +  * create a new folder in Locus root directory: **Locus/​data/​interpolators**
 +  * get coloring palettes e.g. here: http://​​pub/​cpt-city/​
 +  * the palettes are files in **.CPT** format
 +  * place the CPT files in the "​interpolators"​ folder - Locus Map will offer them for color shading
 +<WRAP center round important>​
 +**Important info**: every palette has defined range of colors. Like e.g. this palette: http://​​pub/​cpt-city/​esri/​hypsometry/​eu/​tn/​europe_2.png.index.html . It has defined range from 0 to 126. Locus anyway takes these values as 0 metres - 126 metres so they are usable actually only for Paris :). It is necessary to **define values of expected elevations manually** (as text files) or **download palettes that have correct values** like e.g. this: http://​​pub/​cpt-city/​wkp/​country/​tn/​wiki-france.png.index.html
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